Maryville man lifted after electrocution

A Maryville man is taken to a Lifestar helicopter for transport to the hospital after he suffered an electrical shock while working at a construction site on Twin Oak Mountain Lane in Townsend Thursday morning.

A construction worker who suffered a severe electrical shock Thursday morning in an accident in Townsend has been taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Christian Taylor, 19, of Maryville, was injured at a construction site on Twin Oak Mountain Lane at about 10:55 a.m. Thursday, said Townsend Police Chief Ron Suttles.

A hospital spokesman said Taylor was in stable condition Thursday night.

Taylor was part of a crew trimming trees at a house construction site, Suttles said. The men were using a 23-foot aluminum extension ladder, and were attempting to move the fully extended ladder off a tree when it fell backward onto a group of power lines.

The men were working on a bank located several feet higher than the road, and the workers were unable to correctly balance the fully extended ladder when they tried to move it, Suttles said.

“The ladder was so heavy at the top, just overbalanced,” Suttles said. “When they moved the ladder it just became a little too top-heavy and came down into those lines.”

Taylor and two other men were holding the ladder when it fell, Suttles said, but the two others only received minor electrical shocks.

“Two just got a minor jolt,” Suttles said. “But (Taylor) got an extremely high dose of electricity.”

Some people at the site began CPR after Taylor quit breathing, Suttles said. Townsend Police and Townsend Area Volunteer Fire Department arrived and firefighters were able to revive and stabilize Taylor after giving him oxygen and using a defibrillator.

Rural/Metro Ambulance Service then transported Taylor to Townsend Church of God on Webb Road, and a Lifestar helicopter airlifted Taylor to University of Tennessee Medical Center.

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office responded to establish the landing zone for Lifestar.

Suttles said Taylor only remained at UT Medical Center for a short time, maybe a couple of hours, before he was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Suttles said Taylor was part of a crew working at a site where a house is under construction near the dead-end of Twin Oak Mountain Lane. It was not immediately known if Taylor was directly employed by the contractor building the home.

The two others who received minor shocks declined treatment at the scene, Suttles said, and intended to later visit Blount Memorial Hospital for examination.

Daily Times Reporter Matthew Stewart contributed to this story.

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