MUG Adam Dale Low

Adam Dale Low, 37, Howard School Road, Maryville was charged with possession of meth, heroin, marijuana and drug paraphernalia and public intoxication.

Deputies arrested a Maryville man Wednesday afternoon after he allegedly overdosed, caused public commotion and was in possession of multiple drugs.

Adam Dale Low, 37, Howard School Road, was arrested by Blount County Sheriff’s deputies and charged with possession of three different drugs, drug paraphernalia and public intoxication.

According to the police report, when deputies got to the residence where someone reported that Low had potentially overdosed, Lowe was laying on the kitchen floor, conscious but nodding in and out. One of the residents, who was also a witness, said she gave Low a shot of naloxone to counteract the overdose before deputies arrived.

The report states that once EMS got to the residence, Low refused to go with them to the hospital or be treated. The residents of the house said Low was their friend and had been there for about an hour.

Deputies noted in the report that it smelled like marijuana in the house and the legal resident’s 7-month-old infant had been there the whole time.

One of the residents told Low that he wouldn’t be able to stay there, since he was refusing to go to the hospital and had overdosed, according to the report.

Police said Low continued to refuse treatment, said he was going to walk home — 12 miles away, and started a commotion outside that neighbors watched.

Deputies arrested Low on a charge of public intoxication. Once in custody, deputies allegedly found 1.14 grams of meth, .75 grams of heroin, 3.2 grams of marijuana and a cut snorting straw.

Deputies also found three debit cards and a Tennessee Operator’s License on him, none of which belonged to him, according to the report. None were reported stolen, and deputies said they don’t know if he had permission to have them at the time of his arrest.

He is being held on a $24,750 bond pending a hearing at 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 18 in Blount County General Sessions Court.

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