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Approval for a Maryville City pocket park project passed approval in the city’s planning commission Monday. The Maryville Downtown Association has planned a butterfly park that would include murals, bricked pathways using brick salvaged from the site and butterfly murals in the green space located by the West Harper garage pedestrian entrance from West Broadway.

Downtown Maryville is set for some repairs and some updates in the upcoming months as the city’s planning commission validated three separate projects Monday.

The Maryville Municipal Planning Commission voted unanimously on three Downtown Design Review Board decisions.

One of the approved projects is for demolition work on the building that houses Brackins Blues Club on East Broadway Avenue. The facade of the building came crashing to the sidewalk on two separate days: Sunday, May 12, a portion just above Brackins fell off, and Thursday, May 16, most of the wall above it collapsed.

Now the job needs to be finished before construction to repair the building can move forward.

“They needed to effectively complete getting that off and cleaning up (so) development services went ahead and issued a demo permit,” Principal Planner Jordan Clark told the commission.

He later said in an interview that engineers have not reviewed any other facades in the city for structural issues because none had arisen. “This one in particular, it’s just a matter of a lot of things we can’t see until something happens. That goes for any structure, whether it’s downtown or somewhere else.”

Demolition will be completed on the front wall, primarily the second story. The project then will go back to the DDRB in July most likely, at which point the actual repair work will go out for approval, Clark said.

The commission also approved the DDRB’s approval of a pocket park next to Substance Solutions in a 23-foot-by-23-foot space in front of the parking garage.

A butterfly-themed mini-park has been in the works for several months, a project proposed by the Maryville Downtown Association. The planning commission was one of the final steps it had to go through before construction could begin.

MDA members have worked hard to gather old bricks from around the area to create a new facade on the southeast-facing Substance Solutions wall. Clark showed a sketch of a cross-shaped walkway and said parts of the park will be paved in marble.

The project will be paid for by the city of Maryville, said Public Services Director Angie Luckie, who also confirmed the money probably will come out of one of the public works funds.

“Public works is going to build the majority of it,” Luckie said. “So that will save cost, but they have to prioritize it with all their other work.”

Luckie confirmed the Main Street program has collected all the brick and that the project has been able to get marble for “pennies on the dollar,” so the park will be relatively inexpensive.

“It’s not going to be a lot of cost. So it can probably just come out of our normal operating fund, like we do when we plant flowers in the park.”

In other business, the commission also approved brick and painting improvements to the exterior wall of 133 W. Broadway Ave., and approved a revised preliminary plat for the Brantlin Reserve subdivision, which will be right off the intersection of Southcliff Drive and Montgomery Lane.

Andrew joined The Daily Times in 2019 and covers city government and breaking news.

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