A Maryville man has sued a local restaurant owner for reportedly pulling a gun on him in 2018.

The suit filed May 7 by attorney Katheryn M. Ogle asks for a combined $700,000 in compensatory and punitive damages on behalf of Gustav “Buddy” Schuck III, who claims Rick Saffles of Rick’s Dockside Restaurant, 1000 Marina Drive at Tellico Marina, held a .38-caliber handgun between his eyes and cocked the trigger during the May 18, 2018, incident.

The defendant, Saffles, disputes the event even happened.

“He can sue me all he wants. Guess what? There were no witnesses or proof,” Saffles said.

Schuck was a customer at the restaurant that night and had entered the building around 1 a.m. to talk to Saffles, who Schuck claims was intoxicated.

The suit alleges Saffles became angry and made remarks about Schuck’s relationship with Schucks’ then-fiancee, then threatened to pistol whip him before pulling out the gun and cocking the trigger while holding it between Schuck’s eyes.

The suit also claims Schuck has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and requires ongoing treatment.

Saffles disputes the claim, stating that Schuck was ejected from the restaurant for causing a disturbance and harassing a waitress, whom Saffles said Schuck later married.

“We had to have him removed from the restaurant,” Saffles said. “He was cussing at the girlfriend for not paying enough attention to him while she was on duty. He said, ‘I’ll get you,’ as he walked out the door.”

Schuck initially took his case to Madisonville Police Chief Robby Lovingood. Rick’s Dockside Restaurant is in Monroe County, not far from the Blount County line. Lovingood said the department processed the case routinely and forwarded to the Monroe District Attorney’s Office, but was never told if it proceeded to an indictment against Saffles.

That district attorney’s office verified Thursday that a grand jury voted not to indict Saffles in August 2018.

Calls to Ogle’s office were not returned by press time Thursday.

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