MUG Michelle Alger

Michelle Marie Alger, 39, Howard Street, Maryville, was arrested by Alcoa Police officers on six warrants and four added charges, which are possession of paraphernalia, two different narcotics and tampering with evidence.

Officers arrested a Maryville woman on Wednesday after confirming she had six warrants for her arrest and later added charges after drugs dropped from between her legs when she was standing, a report states.

Michelle Marie Alger, 39, had six warrants on charges of violating pre-trial release out of Blount County Sheriff’s Office. Alcoa Police officers added three possession charges and one for tampering with evidence late Wednesday night during patrol.

The report stated that the officer was familiar with Alger, confirmed her warrants and then tried getting her attention several times as she was walking the opposite way.

It added that once she was aware the officer knew who she was, she tried to run away, but the officer quickly detained her.

He noted in the report that she kept reaching in between her legs and said she needed to use the bathroom; however, from previous encounters, the officer said he knew she would hide drugs there.

She said she didn’t have any drugs on her, the report states. Right before they searched her, she separated her feet and the officer allegedly saw a baggie drop to the ground that she kicked under the cop car.

Once the officer got the baggie from the ground, he reported that it contained two smaller baggies, of what he believed was methamphetamine, totaling 6.8 grams of substance.

When the officers searched her purse, they also allegedly found 15 yellow capsules identified as Gabapentin, a nerve pill. Alger told the officer she was not prescribed the pills, the report states.

A sum of $382 in various bills was also allegedly found in her purse, which the officers believed was from selling narcotics.

In the vehicle she had gotten out of before being detained, the officers reported seeing a digital scale with what looked like meth residue on it. When given permission to search the vehicle, they found the scale and meth shard residue where she was sitting.

Given what the officers reported finding, they charged her with possession of meth with intent to sale, illegal pills without a prescription and paraphernalia and tampering with evidence.

She is being held on bonds totaling $115,000 pending a hearing in Blount County General Sessions Court at 9 a.m. Sept. 23.

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