Melissa Ann Luton

Melissa Ann Luton

A Maryville woman is being held on more than $100,000 in bonds after she was charged with attempts to sell drugs in a drug-free school zone.

Melissa A. Luton, 43, Upper Middle Creek, Maryville, was arrested by Blount County Sheriff’s deputies at 5:49 p.m. Sept. 8 after they said they found 3.1 grams of what they reported as a white substance that “appeared to be methamphetamine.

The report shows officers also found several baggies, which they understood from experience were used to sell drugs.

Officers had responded to calls that Luton and a man filling up jugs of water with a tap at the Delta gas station on East Broadway Avenue, which is directly across from the Eagleton baseball fields and playground — areas designated as a drug-free school zone, the report shows.

Luton originally gave officers a different first and last name, but when her bag was searched, they were able to confirm her identity.

Along with the substance they believed was meth, officers also found Suboxone strips, strips of an “unknown orange substance,” $120 in cash and 13 debit and credit cards.

Luton was charged with intent to deliver or sell greater than ½ a gram of meth in a drug-free zone and two counts of criminal impersonation. She was being held on a total of $100,500 in bonds pending a 1:30 p.m. hearing Sept. 16.

The man was released at the scene.

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Note to self: leave the meth at home when you go out to steal water![lol]

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