MUG Brianna James Vananda

Brianna James Vananda, 20, Lindbrook Way, Maryville was arrested by Maryville Police officers on Sept. 15 and charged with a DUI and underage consumption.

Officers arrested a Maryville woman early Wednesday morning after someone reported that a vehicle struck a fire hydrant and electrical box, then continued through two residential yards, a report states. 

Brianna James Vananda, 20, was charged with driving under the influence and underage consumption. She was being held on a $3,000 bond.

Close to midnight Tuesday, an officer followed up on a call placed about a vehicle damaging property. The report states that the officer started at the damage and followed a trail made along the road from scrape marks and fluid that had leaked out of a vehicle.

That trail lead him to Vananda's address on Lindbrook Way, where her Dodge Challenger was sitting in the driveway with reported damage to the front end and one of its wheels lying on the ground next to it.

Vananda was still sitting inside the vehicle, the report states, and she allegedly spoke with slurred speech, had bloodshot eyes and smelled like alcohol.

The officer also reported that she had trouble finding her driver's license and that she said she was unaware that her vehicle had been damaged. 

She allegedly told the officer that she had a few drinks with her friends in Knoxville. Then, the officer asked Vananda to do a field sobriety test.

The report states that the Maryville Police officer ended the test early, after she performed poorly, and the officer was concerned she would fall and injure herself. 

She was transported to Blount County Jail.

While at the jail, the report states, Vananda vomited on herself before she was taken to Blount Memorial Hospital for a blood alcohol test. 

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