The seven Nuchols siblings (from left) Helen Goins, Shirley Long, Bob Nuchols, Bill Nuchols, Ed Nuchols, Jack Nuchols and David Nuchols, meet for a breakfast on Aug. 1 at T.C.’s Grill in Maryville.

Seven siblings, all senior citizens, sat down for a family reunion breakfast at T.C.’s Grill in Maryville on Saturday morning.

The Nuchols siblings are realistic, and said they realized with their advanced ages that the get-together could be the last time they see each other before they all connect again at one of their own funerals.

“We just wanted to get together one last time,” Bob Nuchols said. “We don’t know how much longer we will have together.”

The seven siblings were born to Andy and Margaret Nuchols. The Nuchols children are Ed, 91; Jack, 89; Bill, 87; Helen Goins, 85; Bob, 83; Shirley Long, 76; and David, 72.

Their father founded one of Blount County’s first moving companies, Nuchols Transfer & Storage, in 1937. The family patriarch transferred ownership to two of his sons, and they ran it until about two years ago when they closed the business and sold all the equipment.

While some children grow up working on a farm, David Nuchols grew up working on a moving truck.

“I started working on the truck as soon as I could hold a small box,” David Nuchols said. “It took 12 years before I realized there was such a thing as a paying job.”

As the siblings recalled stories such as what it was like to work for their father’s company, there was not a silent moment at their breakfast table Saturday morning.

David Nuchols explained his family is quite exuberant.

“With a bunch like this we’re usually talkative,” he said. “There’s not a bashful person in the bunch.”

David Nuchols joked a common topic of discussion for his family is medications they are taking.

“If the drug store is closed, I can just go over to one of their houses,” he said.

As breakfast was getting delivered to their table, Shirley (Nuchols) Long said she’s been cooped up for months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since all of the siblings’ are senior citizens, they said they all have taken strong precautions to prevent contracting the coronavirus.

Long was thrilled to finally get out of the house, and she also was excited to see her sister and brothers.

“So this is a double blessing,” she said.

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