Officers questioned two men and a woman Thursday night in the Walmart parking lot, 1030 Hunters Crossing Drive, about selling heroin after getting notified a man with a warrant was inside the building, according to a report.

Christopher Scott Moses, 51, Ratledge Road, Friendsville, was arrested by Alcoa Police officers on a warrant for violation of probation for a felony conviction. They added charges of heroin possession with intent to sale and possession of meth.

Teresa Lynn Keller, 54, Hollyhock Way, Friendsville, was cited on charges of possession of heroin and theft. The third person involved was a Louisville man, who was released without any charges.

After the officers were notified that Moses was in Walmart, they confirmed the vehicle he was spotted in and reported a male driver, who wasn’t Moses, was inside.

Not long after, they saw Moses loading groceries into the back of the vehicle. As the officer approached, Moses allegedly pushed a shopping cart toward the officer to create distance.

However, the officer reported that he was quickly able to grab Moses. As Moses put his hands over his head, the officer allegedly spotted a white, folded paper in his hand.

According to the report, the officer found two more white, folded papers, which he deduced contained heroin, on Moses. Additionally, he allegedly found a baggie containing meth in Moses’s pockets.

Officers then searched the driver of the vehicle and reported finding heroin on him as well. He said he only had it because Moses had given it to him, because he doesn’t use narcotics.

Moses allegedly told the officers later on that he had given the man heroin so that he could sell it.

The two men told the officers that a third person, Keller, was with them. They found Keller, who allegedly had a purse packed with stolen items from Walmart, valued at $196.77.

During the search of Keller, officers also reported finding two needles and heroin packaged the same way as the other heroin found on all three of them.

Keller was cited on charges of heroin possession and shoplifting. She and the driver were released, while Moses was transported to Blount County jail on a warrant with two new charges.

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