Dwight Price Group grand opening

The Dwight Price Group, a brand affiliated with Realty Executives, holds its grand opening and ribbon-cutting on Aug. 8 at 537 W. Lamar Alexander Parkway, Maryville. From left are Kim Skiles, Deborah Campbell, Gina Depew, Brendan Sugg, Sara Price, Dwight Price, Halee Bivens, Paige Roe and Camden Dailey.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Maybe so in Will Shakespeare’s day, but branding has evolved since the 16th century. Still, whether it be Montague or Price, family names still hold value.

Which is key to why The Dwight Price Group is in a new location at 537 W. Lamar Alexander Parkway, Maryville.

Before becoming affiliated with Realty Executives Associates, Dwight Price had been with Keller Williams just a couple doors down the street. But Keller Williams, which claims a higher agent count than any other real estate company in the world, has a stricter policy regarding its agents’ own brands.

“You can have The Dwight Price Group on some of your advertisements and on some of your signage, but not everywhere. They want you to brand the international Keller Williams brand. It’s harder to get your own name out there,” Price said.

He has been in the real estate business for 24 years. Regardless of the worldwide reach of KW, The Dwight Price Group is well known in Blount and adjoining counties.

“It is, and that’s what we were finding the longer we stayed with Keller Williams. People didn’t really have any idea what company I was with. They just wanted me or my daughter or somebody from our group to come and help them buy a house or sell a house. We knew from that we needed to be branded more The Dwight Price Group,” Price said.

So now he has his company name at the bottom of the main Realty Executives sign out front on Lamar Alexander Parkway. In back, at the entrance to his own parking area off Simmons Street, he has his own sign.

Branding by the numbers

On that sign he has another branding coup, an easy-to-remember business phone number. He credits his daughter, Sara Price, with that. She acquired her real estate license when she was 18 and still in college. Now she works with her dad.

“The sign has our phone number. That’s another thing we’re really trying to brand, that 888-SOLD,” Price said. “My daughter found this website where you can buy special phone numbers like that. We’re very pleased. Sara’s very creative and very smart when it comes to computers and how to make them work for us better. I give her the credit.”

Speaking of family, down the street a ways, through downtown and past Blount Memorial Hospital, his son Seth Price works in real estate as — here’s that branding again — Price & Associates Realtors.

As you might suspect, father and son are not exactly competitors.

“We focus on residential. My son is also in the business but he has his own office. He does property management and commercial, so we don’t focus on either one of those. We refer those to him and he refers residential sales and listings to us,” Dwight Price said.

With the family name firmly branded, The Dwight Price Group opened at its new location June 20 and held a grand opening Aug. 8. Family was there, of course, and a few more folks, too, including former clients, community leaders, lenders and people we work with in the business.

Bob has served in a variety of roles since joining The Daily Times in the 90s. He currently is editor of the business section. When someone gets promoted, retires or gets hired at a new job in Blount County, he's the man to email.

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