An argument at a chicken restaurant went afoul Tuesday for a Maryville man, who landed behind bars for reportedly punching a fast food drink dispenser.

A Maryville Police officer responded at 6:26 p.m. to Kentucky Fried Chicken, 807 Foothills Mall Drive, after a manager told dispatchers 28-year-old Matthew Edward Ford became aggressive with the staff.

The manager spotted Ford arguing with the woman by a dumpster before they walked into the restaurant to complain that their order was messed up, according to reports.

When the manager informed them they had never placed an order and asked for his receipt, Ford reportedly began yelling and cussing, then punched a drink dispenser, causing $650 in damage.

Ford, who was described by employees as smelling of alcohol and being “really aggressive,” left on a green bicycle while the woman walked away, according to reports.

At 7:40 p.m., dispatchers advised police they had been spotted at a nearby McDonalds, where police found them eating food from a different chicken restaurant on the outdoor patio.

Ford reportedly told police he and his girlfriend had walked by KFC without entering, then said she may have used the bathroom there before they bought dinner from another restaurant.

An officer saw Ford place an object in his left pocket and asked if he had any weapons. He reportedly replied “yes,” and said he was the weapon before resisting a search.

A screwdriver and a torch lighter were found in his pocket after the officer requested backup to finish the search.

Police said the KFC manager identified him at the scene.

Ford, Long Hollow Avenue, was arrested and charged with public intoxication and vandalism.

He was being held in the Blount County Detention Facility on $2,000 in combined bonds pending a 9 a.m. hearing July 16 in Blount County General Sessions Court.

No charges were filed against his companion.

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