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Commissioner Bright was on the right track:

“Are we gonna continue to ruin [the land] and our kids still not afford to live here, or are we going to at least preserve something for the ones that are already here?”

It's funny that some of the loudest voices talking about housing are those who would profit from maximizing the number of houses on a tract of land. Cramming more houses into a tract of land means more revenue for developers and more commission for realtors. Talk of housing affordability is just a way to conceal what these groups are really after.

It's also funny that the lobbyists the developers and realtors hire to try to convince the commission to allow more housing (and thereby pad the pockets of the developers and realtors) rely on 'progressive' ideas like housing. Aside from this being nothing more than a pretext for what they really want, it's also environmentally disastrous. Another idea that progressives like to go on about is climate change. Well, everyone knows that trees and farmland produce much less pollution than streets, driveways, and tightly-packed suburban neighborhoods.

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