Plans for Alcoa’s Springbrook Farm project continues to take shape as the entire area undergoes a multi-layered subdividing process to make way for a series of proposed developments.

Two Alcoa commissions already have approved a request to plat nine separate lots on the 252-acre site, dividing the land into a series of distinct areas. This platting is intended to help developers and the city make more specific decisions about development, especially as the project becomes more detail oriented.

The nine areas officially were designated early this June and are just the setup for more projects to come.

“This is mapping out the boundaries and all the utility areas, any areas where development may not be feasible, ... things like that,” Alcoa City Planner Jeremy Pearson told The Daily Times.

The recent platting allowed for the city to approve rezoning on most of the property as well, moving designations from industrial and restricted use to mixed use, open space and commercial development.

“Because there’s no boundary lines there, there’s nothing to follow,” Pearson continued. “A development of this size is going to be more ‘piece together as you go.’ By having this master plat, it’s kind of capturing ... all of the information.”

Pearson said this kind of delineation will be helpful in cases related to specific, smaller lots that are slowly but surely moving toward development.

The lots were divided up by C2RL engineers hired in turn by Resight LLC, one of the developers working on the site.

But larger divisions also are giving way to more specific decisions as the city will now consider plans for two hotels. One lot is set to be divided into four near the junction of the U.S. Highway 129 off-ramp and Tesla Boulevard.

Pearson told Planning Commissioner Kathy Johnson during a workshop Wednesday that the hotels are in the midst of purchasing the property, though the city has not received any plans yet. City Manager Mark Johnson indicated only one hotel company is involved thus far.

Plans for the area shown on the project’s website note one of the hotel lots is under contract and the other is under option.

The potential hotel lots represent property that is effectively the closest to Alcoa Highway and, subsequently, McGhee Tyson Airport.

Developers also have submitted concept plans for detached housing units on the one of the northernmost portions of the Springbrook Farm plan, right across Tesla Boulevard from the hotel lots.

Plans show a dozen small lots set aside for single-family homes right along Mill Street.

Land where the houses are planned formerly was zoned as industrial but is in the process of being rezoned as mixed use. A planning memo dated June 13 noted that the land where the houses are planned is the former site of a proposed Sam’s Club, which backed out of plans to build a retail warehouse in 2016.

Consequently, the memo shows, the site previously has been zoned as a planned commercial unit development, heavy industrial for former manufacturing operations and limited restriction for the surrounding open space buffer areas.

The Alcoa Board of Commissioners approved the area for rezoning on first reading June 11.

“The Springbrook master plan is like high elevation planning. Now we’re getting into a lot-by-lot level,” Pearson said of the housing units. The plans are some of the first residential propositions for the site and give a realistic vision of what it would be like to live in the area. “This concept plan was provided to say ‘This is what the intent of the master plan was. This is what it can actually look like.”

Pearson said more platting for the project is in the works.

The planning commission is set to meet today. Platting for the hotels and the residential plans are marked for approval.

Andrew joined The Daily Times in 2019 and covers city government and breaking news.

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