The Daily Times Academic Awards letters

The academic letters from (clockwise from top left) Alcoa High School, Maryville High School, Heritage High School, Greenback School and William Blount High School.

The 34th Annual Daily Times Academic Letters Awards on Monday night honored 222 students from the area’s five public high schools.

The students were recognized for earning a total of 341 letters during a ceremony at the Clayton Center for the Arts.

Seven students lettered in all four subjects: math, science, social studies and language arts.



• Kurstin Kinder, language arts

• Claire Seigler, math, science, social studies

Mitchell Swann, language arts, math,

science, social studies


• Amaila Bay, math

• Lorae Deaton, math, science, social studies

• McKinna Murr, language arts

• Macy Roberts, language arts, science, social studies


• Isabel Boyd, language arts, science, social studies

• William Carter, math

• Brock Garland, social studies

• Destiny Haworth, science

• Justin Kinder, language arts

• Owen Siegler, math


• Johannah Bay, language arts, math

• Christian Graham, social studies

• Jesse Haynes, language arts

• Luke Hester, math

• Abbey Hitson, science

• Skyler Puttre, social studies

• Hannah Ralston, science



• Cameron Nicole Boisture, language arts

• Emily Nicole Cable, social studies

Mia Su Cunningham, language arts, math, science, social studies

• Sophia Maeve Foster, social studies

• Jocelyn Ruth Hayes, science

• Alexandria Katherine Hill, math

• Katie Elizabeth Jones, math

• Noah Hyland Moore, science

• Grace Ann Neve, social studies

• Jackson Andrew-Lee Patty, language arts

• Brandon James Reed, social studies

• Halle Faith Waters, language arts, math, science

• Megan Brooke Waters, language arts

• Madelyn Bryhn Williams, math, science


• Logan Shane Brookshire, language arts, math

• Gabrielle Natalia Brown, social studies

• Olivia Emerson Cameron, language arts

• Gracie Leanne Gardner, social studies

• William Charles Hatcher, language arts, math, science

• Elli N Hawn, language arts, social studies

• Lauren Renea Joiner, language arts, math, science

• Veolina Karcha, science

• Tyson Blaize Koontz, math

• Lillian Arella McGinnis, science

• Bryson James Myers, language arts, science, social studies

• Julianna Shively Prater, language arts

• Leah Rylie Shockley, science, social studies

• Olivia Claire Smith, math, science

• Ezekiel Thane Spirko, math

• Vivian Lola Thompson, math

• Hannah Alexis Wilder, social studies

• Spencer Wayne Williams, social studies


• Courtney Raelene Ball, language arts

• Allyssa Grace Blas, science

• Michael Thomas Boisture, math, science, social studies

• Jonas Axal Carrigan, language arts

• Loren Faith Estes, language arts, social studies

• Chandler Jackson Ford, math

• Shawn Allen Frost, math

• Eli Robert Garner, language arts

• Sophia Alice Hayes, science

• Jarrett Mitchell Johnson, science

• Campbell Allen Jones, social studies

• Ashlee Raegan Keenan, social studies

• Cassidy Rose McComb, math, science

• Sarah Jo Miller, language arts, math, science

• Sydney Elise Noe, language arts

• Daniel West Parker, language arts

• Jacob Edward Powell, math, social studies

• William Dee Stallions, math, social studies

• Sarah Mae Swafford, social studies

• Dylan Joseph White, science


• Cade Rex Braden, social studies

• Sarah Elizabeth Carver, language arts, math, social studies

• Ridge Anderson Clark, science

• Kaitlyn Ming Cunningham, language arts, math

• Landon Matthew Davis, language arts, math, social studies

• Aurora Marie Decker, science

• Lauren Elise Dunn, science, social studies

• Brooklyn Shae Gurley, social studies

• Ethan Gregory Hathcock, math, science

• Emilie Carolyne Koella, language arts

• Kati May Lowe, language arts, math, science

• Monika Alethea Maghony, language arts

Lindsay Hannah Talley, language arts, math, science, social studies

• Baylen Riley Toledo, science

• Laura Elizabeth Wigdor, math, social studies



• Seth Andrew Brewer, language arts, math, social studies

• Benjamin Lee Carico, math, science

• Greyson Maddox Collins, science

• Julia Elizabeth Combs, language arts

Cole Burton Gibson, language arts, math, science, social studies

• Jaidyn Calista Hoenie, math, science, social studies

• McKenna Kate Myers, language arts

• Caleb Gray Russell, math, social studies

• Ella Rae Webb, language arts, science, social studies


• Braden Cook Arritt, social studies

• Justin Thomas Bible, social studies

• Lily Milan Bookout, language arts, math

• Adam Nicholas Calder, social studies

• Andrew Franklin Counts, math

• Emily Orianna Ellsworth, science

• Michael Steven Feiel, math, science

• Maggie Brooke Garland, language arts, science

• Joseph Lee Camden Johnson, science

• Sonya Paige Jones, science

• Emma Grace Alice Kirk, social studies

• Jenna Grace Laudermilk, language arts, math

• Hannah Marie Phillips, math

• Savannah Paige Sexton, language arts, math, science

• Linsey Danielle Stiles, language arts, math

• Joshua Michael Toncray, social studies

• Elizabeth Nicole Turner, social studies

• Mikeala Hope White, language arts

• Ricky Gabriel Wilson, science


• Conner Michael Beddingfield, social studies

• Jonathan Leonard Campbell, science

• Hudson Gregory Classon, science

• Cara Marie Garner, language arts, math, science

• Caleb Don Gibson, language arts, social studies

• Jordan Christine Godfrey, language arts, math, social studies

• Taija Venae James, science, social studies

Marya Annabelle Joyce, language arts, math, science, social studies

• Olivia Grace Long, language arts, math

• Rebecca Grace Moler, language arts, math

• Neleah Emilia Nugent, language arts, math

• Nicholas Joseph Wood, social studies

• Jadyn Carrington York, math, social studies


• Tycho Isaac Barnard, math, social studies

• Brett Kevin Boling, math

• William David Combs, language arts, math, social studies

Elizabeth Ann Ellsworth, language arts, math, science, social studies

• Molly Anne Folger, science

• Caleigh Marie Hall, language arts

• Kelsey Rose Hohol, science

• Sean Daniel Jones, language arts, math, science

• Kensey Cathleen Ketron, science, social studies

• Lauren Celeste Laudermilk, science

• Sarah Suzanna Moler, science

• Sadie Lavaun Montague, language arts, social studies

• Corey Patrick Shaffer, social studies

• Alexandria Elaine Shepherd, language arts, math

Taylor Cheyenne Waldroup, language arts, math, science, social studies



• Amber Emiliana Hall, social studies

• Kelsey Grace Lett, math

• Alek Eli Perry, science

• Audrey Anne Presley, language arts


• Colton Blane Alexander, science

• Allison Lynn Morehouse, math

• Russel Benton Parsly, social studies

• Avery Nicole Risher, language arts


• Micah Denton Ford, science

• Alyssa Mae Matthews, language arts

• Grace Ann Shockley, social studies

• Amanda Elizabeth Spafford, math


• Allison Renee Green, social studies

• Bryce Johnathan Hanley, math

• Hannah Elnora McCloud, science

• Peyton Riely Theisen, language arts




• Nick Ashmore, science

• Henry Chen, language arts, social studies, math

• Paige Douglas, social studies, math

• Nathan Duck, science

• Syll Everett, science

• William Gardner, language arts, science

• Claire Jansen, math

• Rebecca Johnson, social studies

• Andie-Marie Jones, social studies, science, math

• Amada Lashmit-Pena, social studies

• Andrew Ohsiek, language arts, social studies

• Noah Ohsiek, language arts

• Ty Self, science

• Jackson Shue, language arts

• Eliana Smith, language arts, math

• Eli Stidham, math



• Elizabeth Ashley Arp, science

• Eden Judith Bollschweiler, language arts

• Vivan Chen, math, science

• Nolan Thomas Coffey, language arts

• Kendra Marie Day, language arts, math

• Joshua Toliver Driskill, math, science

• Yuya Fujinaka, math

• Charles Robert Hasting, language arts

• Lea Carolyn Hayes, language arts

• Alisa Arai Jones, science

• Aidan Scott Lay, science

• Ryan Daniel Peruski, science

• James Alexander Robertson, math

• Parker Gayle Slawson, social studies

• Jewell Fiona West, science


• Henry Josef Astor, language arts, social studies

• Josiah Gehrig Barnett, social studies

• Isabella Jean Bostrom, language arts, social studies

• Catherine Fyke Coalson, social studies

• Eliza Catherine Conner, language arts, math, science

• Anna Elizabeth Curtis, social studies

• Jonas Miles Dixon, language arts

• Connor Matthew Flynn, social studies

• Erin Rachel Gardner, language arts

• Liam Scott Huff, social studies

• Christina Rose Jackson, language arts

• Zachary Thomas Legeaux, social studies

• Benjamin Martin Moder, science, social studies

• Alayna Lin Myers, social studies

• Stephen Qiu, math

• Sarah Elizabeth Shore, language arts

• Megan Elizabeth Underwood, math, social studies

• Thomas Gregory Ward, language arts

• Riley Wade Willingham, social studies


• Emma Miller Alexander, math

• Alexandra Nicole Ashmore, language arts

• Mason Piper Dean, social studies

• Alissa Mito Gordon, math, social studies

• Carter Douglas Hatch, math, social studies

• Alexander Nathaniel Mays, language arts, math, science

• Georgia Marie McDevitt, social studies

• Riann Abigail McMillan, social studies

• Caroline Elizabeth Pope, language arts, math, social studies

• Roxanna Ozra Ray, language arts, math, science

• Katherine Ann Reed, science

• Rachel Madden Reid, social studies

• Elizabeth Camille Sutton, science

Lettered in all four subjects

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