Three people were arrested when deputies interrupted a burglary in progress at a home on Ridge Road Sunday afternoon, according to Blount County Sheriff’s Office.

Emily Claire Hickman, 20, Self Hollow Road, Rockford, was charged with theft, and was being held on a $10,000 bond pending a 9 a.m. July 19 hearing. Warren Joseph Leinwar, 50, Garrett Lane, Maryville, was charged with two counts of theft, and was being held on a $4,000 bond, pending a 9 a.m. hearing today.

Randall Lee Leinwar, 23, Doris Lane, Maryville, was charged with two counts of theft, aggravated burglary, evading arrest and felony violation of probation. He was being held on a total $16,510 bond pending a pair of hearings.

According to BCSO reports, deputies answered a report of a theft in progress on the 600 block of Ridge Road around 1 p.m. Sunday. Upon arriving on the scene, deputies saw a white male fleeing from the vicinity of a white Chevrolet Malibu, parked near the address in question.

One deputy chased the fleeing suspect about 100 yards through several yards, but he escaped into nearby woods. Several K-9 officers followed up on the pursuit shortly thereafter, and eventually took the suspect, Randall Leinwar, into custody.

In the meantime, deputies arrested two other suspects — Emily Hickman and Warren Leinwar — who had remained behind at the Malibu. Searching the vehicle, deputies inventoried just over $16,000 in in tools and equipment, later identified as stolen by the homeowner.

Some of the charges against the three suspects stemmed from previous incidents. Reports said there had been a series of recent thefts in the area, and the investigation into the incidents is ongoing.

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