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John Condrone, an award-winning, prolific musician, died of COVID-19 symptoms Tuesday.

Prolific performer, award-winning musician and Maryville resident John Condrone died of COVID-19 complications Tuesday, according to posts on the artist’s social media account.

Condrone, who was close to 60, fought the virus since late September, and a Facebook post on his account announced late Tuesday he had succumbed to it just before noon.

“The family is so grateful for each of his cherished friends and the (Blount Memorial Hospital) staff that provided such great care and compassion,” the post reads.

Condrone’s account chronicled his sickness frequently since Sept. 22, beginning with pleas for prayers. “I have been admitted to hospital with severe COVID-19,” the singer posted Sept. 22. “I am in so much pain right now, it’s crazy!”

Someone close to him took over posting a day later, stating Condrone was in too much pain to respond or talk. After time in the intensive care unit, his health worsened until hospital staff sedated him and put him on a ventilator, according to Facebook posts.

Despite some improvements and “ups and downs,” Condrone was ultimately put on life support Sept. 28.

“The truth is, John is facing death as a reality every minute and may not survive,” a post from Oct. 15 read.

A call for video messages to encourage Condrone went out on his Facebook page six days before he died.

According to reporting from The Daily Times in 2013, Condrone hailed from Hollywood, Florida, and moved to Tennessee in 1976. He was also a professional wrestler, a DJ and a DENSO Manufacturing employee.

Condrone's website biography states he has been nominated for Grammy and Dove awards and put out hundreds of songs on radio, TV and film.

He performed more than 100 shows a year, according to the website. Before his sickness, he was advertising performances in Knoxville and Mt. Carmel.

The post from Tuesday said he died "in Marie's loving arms with his sons and ex-wife close by."

Blount County has reported 32 dead from COVID-19 since March.

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