Logan Hysen speaks to marchers after the Walk against Climate Change

UT senior Logan Hysen speaks to marchers after the Sept. 20 climate strike. He will be part of an Oct. 24 panel at the Blount County Public Library where the same young people who led the climate strike will discuss policy and planning in a public forum.

Following their plea for local action in the Sept. 20 climate march, young climate activist leaders are set to share their voices at at a Blount-focused Voices of Youth Climate Change session near the end of the month.

The Blount County Public Library will host a panel of four young speakers at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24, in the Sharon Lawson Room. The panel is presented by the Maryville Huddle, a group focused on local education for human and woman’s rights and social issues.

University of Tennessee senior Logan Hysen will open the session and then join Maryville College activists Donia Lehman, Samantha Stacey and home-schooled activist Grace Dulin to present and discuss the issues.

“I’m hoping that people from the community — hopefully some younger people and some older people, people from every spectrum of life — attend so that they can learn about why climate action is a good thing and why youth need to lead on it,” Hysen said.

Hysen is involved with the East Tennessee hub of the Sunrise Movement, a nationwide youth organization focused on stopping climate change and creating jobs in the process, according to the group’s public principles.

Specifically, the panel is looking to educate attendees on new, progressive climate policies that have become part of the national conversation.

A press release from Maryville Huddle said Maryville College professor of Political Science and coordinator of the Environmental Studies Program Mark O’Gorman will lend his expertise on a discussion about the Green New Deal.

Adjunct instructor of Biology Jay Clark will moderate.

“Listen to the concerns and objectives of young climate activist as they contemplate a future impacted by climate change,” the release from Maryville Huddle reads. “Learn how we can live differently in the present to improve their future prospects.”

Linda Wade with the Maryville Huddle Blount County Environmental Working Group said the session is a good follow-up to September’s climate strike, allowing experts and activists to go into more detail on where the nation and Blount stand in the a broader climate conversation.

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