In October 1621, 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans gathered in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to celebrate the first Thanksgiving. After a harsh winter during which half the colonists died, they had a plentiful harvest of corn and ample stocks of fish to ensure the colony would survive. In 2019,…

The comedy troupe Monty Python long ago did a sketch called “The Argument Clinic.” Michael Palin paid for an argument with John Cleese, a session that quickly devolved into a “yes, it is” and “no, it isn’t” rapid-fire exchange. Good argument is a lot more than did/did not negation battles yo…

By the middle of this century, one of three worlds will triumph: the Islamic world of the Middle East, the authoritarian world of China and maybe Russia, or the western world of North America and Europe. I am not confident that the winner will be the West.

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A bill that got mired in this year’s session of the state General Assembly could be resurrected next year and would make emergency 911 calls secret. It’s horrible legislation and would remove a major tool from journalists who bring transparency and accountability to first responders.

Earth Day is Monday, April 22, and — as it was in the founding year 1970 — a good time to take inventory of our own efforts to keep this planet in clean, environmentally conscious order. Well, talk is cheap.

A slap upside the head is a surefire way to get somebody’s attention. Illegal but effective. It’s akin to the old defensive lineman’s technique of slapping the helmet of his counterpart on the O-line to clear a path to the quarterback. The NFL outlawed the multiple head slap in 1976, and fla…

This is an easy one. Tennessee’s 2nd District Congressman Tim Burchett has chosen to make his first legislation require the Tennessee Valley Authority board of directors to hold open meetings. How simple is that? How odd that it’s not already so.

Photographs with news stories balance the words with images that get to the point. The photo of new Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee that appeared in The Daily Times on Sunday was one of those. Lee is pictured with his right hand raised as he takes the oath of office. A historic moment.

There’s a public service announcement on radio where a police officer exchanges greetings with friends during the course of a day. The hellos are upbeat. Then the tone changes with a reference to the greeting no officer ever wants to make, followed by a “knock, knock, knock.”

There’s the national news and there’s the local news. Seems simple enough, but reality is not so clear-cut. Start with the assumption that “all politics is local.” Now apply its derivative, “all news is local.”

The wait for the Tennessee Wilderness Act has been frustrating, a delay far too long for no good reason. Patience wore thin as East Tennesseans watched session after session of congressional inaction.

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As the CEO of Cornerstone of Recovery, which has called Blount County home for three decades, I read with interest the recent front-page article on the potential addition of TLC Maryville to the East Tennessee treatment community. I have always agreed with Commissioner Marie Williams, leader…

We took my granddaughter to the movies last month. “Frozen II.” The movie was fine. A little complicated for wee ones but fine. What wasn’t so fine was the nearly half hour of previews and trailers leading up to the movie.

Everybody hurts. So much so that we sometimes have difficulty seeing the pain of others. Especially if we may have contributed to it. It’s just too ... well ... painful.

What is happening to our community? Not only did the Blount County Commission pass a resolution advertising us as a “sanctuary” for sick, cruel or deranged souls who — despite their families’ protestations — might want to own an assault rifle. But three of our county commissioners have now b…

Until now, it was possible to hope that the damage caused by President Trump’s terrible incompetence, ignorance and impulsivity in foreign policy was largely theoretical, and possibly reparable. That is no longer true.

When I was growing up as a kid, I loved it when my parents took us to the Golden Corral buffet. You had a tremendous selection of different foods, and you could pick and choose whatever your taste buds desired. Some people treat the Bible like it’s a buffet — pick and choose the parts you li…