A few of our readers have called recently and accused The Daily Times of not publishing letters with conservative or pro-President Donald Trump views. In other words, they allege we cherry pick which letters to publish.

That is flat out false. (And none of the accusers have written us letters to the editor, so how would they know?)

We publish all letters that meet our guidelines, which are not at all stringent: Stick to around 200 words, don’t defame or make obviously false statements; and don’t monopolize the letters column with a barrage of missives. One letter every three or four weeks is reasonable to ask.

The rationale for some conservatives’ false claim about published letters is that Blount County is overwhelmingly Republican (very true) and that there’s no way to account for the recent number of letters from progressives.

First off, people’s political views can evolve over time. And the recent primary elections brought out three times as many Democratic voters as in the past. Whether you or we agree with these Democrats and their policy positions is irrelevant; something has sparked their passions and moved them to write more letters to the editor.

We don’t require letter writers to present voter identification cards with party affiliations. We just publish their viewpoints, no matter what they are.

There’s a simple solution for the naysayers: Break out your keyboards and start writing. Follow the rules, and you’ll get a phone call from us verifying you sent us a letter. Then you’ll see it published.

We prefer letters that are emailed to editor@thedaily times.com or sent to us through our website app. That’s because we can cut and paste your letters into our content management system, making the process more accurate and efficient.

We relish diversity in viewpoints and welcome all letters. But don’t say we cherry pick which letters to publish because nothing could be farther from the truth.

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