Dear Editor:

Recently a reader wrote a letter about the garbage everywhere. I happen to agree with the writer and I, too, am concerned with the garbage plague that we are experiencing. To you "garbage tossers" I say, what is wrong with you? Do you honestly think the Earth will just absorb the trash you throw out? Do you think it doesn't matter? The real question is, do you even think at all?

I see trash everywhere I go. I see mounds of cigarette butts tossed out because people don't want to dirty their car's ash tray. I see the fast-food trash left on the road because some can't be bothered to find a proper trash bin somewhere. I see trash in people's yards because they don't have the decency to take care of their own homes.

What is wrong with you?

I see full trash bags in and on the side of the road after they fall off trucks because some can't be bothered to go back and get them. And the virus itself has created garbage. I see discarded masks, rubber gloves and hand sanitizer bottles everywhere. I see shattered glass from tossed bottles in the road and on sidewalks — hazards to tires and dog paws.

We are knee deep and soon will be neck deep in trash. What is wrong with you? Is it your intention to cover the Earth in trash before heading back to your home planet? I ask this because I believe you can't be from Earth. If you were, you'd take better care of it. What is wrong with you?

Kathy Golbeck 

Ginger Way


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