Dear Editor: 

Candidate Joe Biden was interviewed by the media. When asked what he thought about executive orders, his reply was "that's what a dictator does." Since becoming president, Joe Biden already has signed more executive orders at this point in his administration than any other president. 

I would like to address a few of these executive orders and what they mean for our country. 

One bans fracking for oil and gas on federal land. As a result, a reduced amount of oil and gas will lead to higher oil prices. Oil is now back above $60 per barrel. What does this mean when we fill our cars up at the pump? The result is higher prices per gallon. Prices under $2 per gallon will be a thing of the past. As this year moves forward, we could see gas at $3 or $4 per gallon. 

Another executive order closed construction on the Keystone XL pipeline. More than 1,000 permanent high-paying jobs and thousands of temporary jobs were lost with the stroke of a pen. 

According to the Montana attorney general, 800,000 barrels a day are no longer coming into our country to be refined by the various oil companies. With supply going down and demand staying high, the result can only be higher prices at the pump. 

Once again, we will depend on the Middle East for our oil supply. They will determine how much we get and at what price. 

With the stroke of a pen, we have a 100-day moratorium on sending illegal criminals and drug kingpins back to their respective countries. For at least 100 days, we will feed them and keep them up at taxpayers' expense. There is also always a chance that the 100-day moratorium could be extended. 

President Biden came into office promising to unite our country. I cannot comprehend what dividing our country would look like. 

Buddy Hunt 

Old Niles Ferry Road


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