Dear Editor:

The current abortion debate has left the realm of reason and sunk into an interstate contest for punitive policies. The Trump administration set the rules for this contest in 2017 by signing an executive order that cut billions of dollars in global health aid to any organization that even offered information on abortion.

Groups that treat HIV, malaria and other illnesses and provide contraception to the world’s most vulnerable women have had to sharply cut their services.

No one likes abortion, but history testifies that banning all abortions results in both babies and women dying. Where is the compassion that should frame the harder challenge of creating a society where every child is wanted and abortion is unnecessary?

Instead of a country where health care, child care, family paid leave, sex education, contraception and a living wage are the established social supports for women, the contest now is to pass the harshest legislation possible. The egregious indifference that legislatures have paid to the welfare of women is now compounded by using punishment to restrict access to reproductive health.

All the doctors who are punished and all the women who suffer hardships are but flimsy excuses for self-congratulation in winning the prize for punitive, ineffective and regressive government.

Gail Harris

Andy Harris Road


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Thank you Gail Harris for standing up for reproductive rights.

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