Dear Editor:

People who travel long distances mostly go by jet aircraft, but relatively few of them realize that the jet engine was developed and perfected at the end of World War II by Nazi Germany. While virtually all of these travelers would continue to fly by jet despite the awful origins, ex-President Trump's great accomplishments are being eliminated by spiteful executive orders. 

By the way, leftists who compare Trump to Hitler and other fanatical dictators either ignore or are ignorant about Trump's Jewish daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren. 

President Biden's executive order canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline eliminated about 10,000 future, well-paid, private-sector jobs. A pipeline is also a much safer way to ship crude oil than by trucks or rail. And I am sure the Chinese government gladly will pay the Canadians to build a due-east pipeline, so the crude can be put on tankers bound for China.

Another spiteful executive order is canceling the wall on the southern border. It not only makes it much easier for drug traffickers to ply their evil trade, but it also will make it much easier for human traffickers to send tens of thousands of more children (mostly girls) into the U.S. sex trade. 

Peggy Noonan, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, recently wrote that some of her friends had tears in their eyes while watching President Biden's inauguration. Due to Biden's executive order, I am sure that thousands of more girls, sold to pimps in the U.S. by human traffickers, also will have tears in their eyes. 

Lee Gorman

Old Glory Road


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