Dear Editor:

In response to Cal Thomas' columns (Sept. 10) stating the likelihood of a future Democratic president “raiding retirement funds” by raising taxes on capital gains, he conveniently overlooks the system of checks and balances written into the U.S. Constitution; i.e., in addition to presidential approval, formal tax legislation requires the consent of both houses of Congress. (See

Thomas further attempts to stoke fears with an all-too-familiar pattern of divisive rhetoric when he adds that Democrats “will ultimately find a way to come after your IRA and 401(k) accounts.”

While many more astute than I observe that checks and balances have seemed a bit off-tilt ever since Mr. Trump's election, I believe we voters are still able to learn from our mistakes and that successor presidents, regardless of party, will be more respectful of our form of government. Despite trying times and as we advance toward the 2020 elections, I hope and pray that everyone will rise to the challenges that face us by modeling more respect for self and each other, impeccability when we speak and write, and greater appreciation for and stewardship of our precious two-party system of democracy.

Shirley Brown

Willard Street


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