Dear Editor:

If you are over a certain age, let us say 50, you may recall expressions like, “the majority rules," “let’s vote on it," “take a show of hands," “the most voices win." Not the loudest. You know. The procedures that Congress and even the Supreme Court still use, and are supposed to respect? To this day?

A caucus leaders’ scream of, “shut your mouth and sit down, your time has expired” should never be allowed, nor acceptable.

America was, and most of us hope still is, and should remain, “the Great Melting Pot." Today it seems. The “lumps are ruining the gravy."

Some in the minority community may dislike it, however, "E Pluribus Unum" is still our motto. Proud to be an American, still should be our prayer. The rooster should never be allowed to rule the roost.

Iran, China, Russia. Even Denmark and Sweden? If you like their societal concept so much, set up a GoFundMe page, buy your ticket, and we, who still abide by the Constitution, will wave farewell to you at the airport.

We follow the concept of American patriotism, with pride. Especially in times of conflict, including at the Olympics, while celebrating the Fourth of July, and even during the World Cup (when we make it). Why not every day in every city and town?

We still can respect our culture, heritage, language,and traditions. But honor our country.

Assimilation should not be branded as a dirty word. When did the concept of peacefully airing our grievances disappear? What happened to the principals of Mahatma Gandhi? Non-violent protest?

Has Martin Luther King’s concept of judgment of character, instead of the color of skin, fallen upon deaf ears? Even Nelson Mandela called the “majority” to action, to right the wrongs of their “minority” rulers. Not vice versa.

Sorry, minorities. Until the population shifts through “natural means” not political means, legitimately voting on your ideas and accepting the outcome will, and should continue, to rule the day. Today the minority is attempting to rule. When the majority disagrees, and they should, they are called racist, homophobes, oppressors. How sad. How un-American.

In the immortal words of Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?

Tom Antkow

Farris Road


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