Dear Editor:

Tim Lomperis’ Aug. 4 op-ed in The Daily Times claims that “socialists” are resorting to “scare tactics.” It seems to me that it is Lomperis who wants to scare people.

He writes that the Green New Deal, a proposed framework introduced in Congress of government policies to address climate change, is about making America socialist and therefore requires that government “owns or controls all sectors of the economy, including the major manufacturing and mining enterprises, the entire financial sector, and even agriculture.”

I suggest that your readers examine the proposed Green New Deal and see if they can find any evidence to support Lomperis’ claims about it. The complete proposal is here:

Lomperis also contends that proposals of government policies to address wealth inequities offered by Sen. Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a Democratic Socialist, really are not “socialist” because they advocate models of wealth redistribution dominant in Scandinavian countries that have “vibrant capitalist economies.”

Why should we fear policies recommended by Sanders that are proven to work well in capitalist countries? 

Who is using scare tactics?

Doug Gamble

Sevierville Road


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