Dear Editor:

As I was reading the "Their Voice" editorial in the Nov. 25 paper, ("Rittenhouse is the right's new darling," 6A), I noticed that as usual our liberal media has the facts wrong. Nationally syndicated columnist Elwood Watson writing about the Rittenhouse trial once again has shown that the liberals never bother to check the facts.

Kyle Rittenhouse was carrying the AR-15 legally according to all of the transcripts of the trial. The rifle already was in place when he drove from Illinois to Wisconsin. Once again it all boils down to the Democrats and liberals not getting what they want so they blame it on racism. There were no people involved in this Rittenhouse affair other than White people.

Just once I would love to see these liberal journalists get their heads out of their backsides and get the facts straight.

John E. Smith

Old Plantation Way


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