Dear Editor:

To see the McCain funeral on TV in some ways was sad and in others was very patriotic. I understand that our president was encouraged not to attend the funeral. I can't imagine a good Christian family like the McCains would not forgive and forget past differences. To me this was a disgrace not to allow President Trump to attend, but to allow the Obamas to sit up front with all the congressional people.

Think about this — the Obamas organized OFA (Organizing for Action), which is composed of more than 35,000 volunteers who do nothing but cause all types of government disruption. Their main object is to overthrow our government. From all riots from Baltimore to California, the Obamas had a hand in any type of disruption.

Isn't it just wonderful to see the Obamas sitting up front with all our congressional establishment?

Robert Vogel

Country Meadows Lane


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Thank you for your opinion, which is what it is since you did not provide any facts or sources to your claims. After our investigation, we find your findings to be not valid. The Obamas had no hand in any riots.

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