Dear Editor:

This Sunday’s (3/29/15) letter to the editor, the latest of many written by the same author, again proves that I believe the writer seldom knows what they are talking about and/or simply misrepresents the facts.

The Louisville man the writer quoted as saying it took 35-40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive (I am that man) is an estimate from the time I called 911 until the ambulance arrived and is fairly accurate. There is no way an ambulance can drive from their station to my house in 18 minutes.

The writer states that the sheriff states that many of his deputies are underpaid. That’s certainly true. It should be an embarrassment to the county that its deputies do such a great job for so little pay. The writer also states having been “encouraging” Sheriff Berrong for years to increase the deputies on “the bottom of the totem pole” pay. In the nine years I have been attending the County Commission meetings I have yet to recall hearing the writer make a single recommendation to that effect. Also, what makes any individual citizen the expert on what overtime hours are needed to be worked by our deputies and how many vehicles the sheriff determines he needs. The writer says he buys unnecessary vehicles but neglects to name one and why it isn’t needed. In my humble opinion, it is always innuendos but never any substance.

On the issue of using taxpayer monies to support nonprofit organizations, the writer insinuates that because they and Mayor Cunningham didn’t believe it should be done, that he stopped it.

The truth of the matter (and it is recorded) the county commissioners voted to discontinue the practice. It was one of several items the commissioners acted on to reduce costs and keep our property taxes as low as possible.

In the “letter to the editor” concerning the Heritage Center receiving nearly $40,000 yearly, I would hope that all readers also read the “Editor’s Note.” If not, it reads, “Blount County owns the Heritage Center building. Payments to the center, earmarked to cover maintenance, utilities and insurance, fulfill an obligation to the federal government for the $2 million grant that made construction of the facility possible.”

There’s an old saying that holds true. “Be sure your brain is engaged before putting your mouth in gear.”

Dick Scott

3860 Attley Drive

Louisville, TN 37777

Editor’s note: The different response times reported were in effect comparing apples and oranges. The 35-40 minutes was based on the time from the call to 911 to the ambulance arrival. The ambulance service’s 18 minutes is based on the time from which an ambulance was available and processed the call until arrival.


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