Dear Editor:

After seeing the fireworks tents going up all over Blount County and Maryville, I wonder if the people who voted for this have veterans who are family members suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. It was bad enough in the neighborhood and surrounding areas before this act allowing fireworks was passed. (Blount County, Alcoa and Maryville governments voted last year to allow seasonal fireworks.)

We feel the vibrations from the FreedomFest in Alcoa. I know families enjoy the Fourth of July in this respect, but do they have a neighbor or family member that the noise bothers, or have they even considered this fact?

Sudden loud noises and helicopters flying over our house are reminders of days spent in Vietnam. Even popping bubble wrap can remind a veteran with PTSD of experiences they may have encountered. I wish I had paid attention enough to know this law was going to be passed, but I didn't.

Living with PTSD for the veteran of any war is the worst thing to see a family member have to go through. I hope the people who voted for this think of this and not the revenue when they hear the pops and bangs.

Martha (Marty) Stephens

East Lamar Alexander Parkway


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