Dear Editor:

Tennessee is part of the so-called Bible Belt of America, part of Donald Trump’s forgiving political base. Please, one or more of you, explain to me how such a religious population can excuse this president’s lies (more than 3,000, according to The Washington Post Fact-Checker blog), his filthy references toward women, his cheating on his wives and paying off porn stars, his casting verbal stones at anyone who dares disagree with anything he says or does — everything against the teachings of the Bible.

Please also explain how you can agree with Trump and his political allies that permanent tax cuts to him and his billionaire friends, temporary tax cuts to the rest of the working class, and trying to cut benefits to the poor is making America great again.

His EPA administrator denies climate change and weakens environmental rules while the seas rise around us and temperatures continue to break records — policies that threaten the lives of our children and grandchildren.

All this happens while congressional Republicans cower and hide, thinking only of their political future, as Trump continues to change the meaning of the conservative philosophy. Only a handful of Republicans, including our two senators, dare say that the tariffs he has imposed on our allies will help a small handful of Americans while hurting you and me with higher prices and a possible recession.

Dictators start to get the people behind them by discrediting those trying to protect freedom of the press (“fake news”), corrupting the democratic voting system (denying Russian meddling), befriending other dictators while punishing other democracies (praising Putin and canceling treaties with allies), and having their own propaganda machine (Fox News).

Let’s hope that the mid-term elections bring us a change in Congress, so that the damage to our country can be better contained.

Russ Docteur

Morganton Boulevard


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