Dear Editor:

I do not know the writer of the op-ed ("This nation is not going back to the good ole white days," A6, July 29), so I have no clue what is in her heart or her head. I read her op-ed with amusement if for no other reason than the title. In fact, I even shared it with some friends from out of this area.

I'm pretty sure neither she nor I know with certainty what lies ahead for the country. I do know from her writings that what she and I see as positive movement of our country is vastly different.

She is entitled to her opinion as I am to mine. But unfortunately her writing leads one to believe that she resides firmly in the camp that says “If it was announced that Trump had cured cancer, we then should blame him for world overpopulation and famine." For her to have to try to justify her op-ed in a rebuttal letter to the editor was interesting, but most telling was suggesting that we as Blount county citizens were not as well informed as she is — the height of arrogance just because we do not share her political leanings. 

Rick Bowden

Devictor Drive


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