Dear Editor:

This is regarding Sunday's "Other Voice" by Buzz Thomas. While space precludes me from rebutting his essay in its entirety, I must respond to his last sentence at the very least. It states, “A good place to start finding our way back might simply be to be polite to those knocking at our door.”

With all due respect, entering our country legally at a valid point of entry, assimilating into our country, and going through the grueling process of becoming citizens, as millions of law-abiding persons have done for generations, would be “knocking at our door.”

On the contrary, our door is now being kicked in. Many in this country have no problem with that. I am not one of them. If someone is kicking my door in, he can expect a significant response from me, but I guarantee that a friendly hug will not be a part of it.

Terry Weltman

Wintergreen Lane


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