Dear Editor:

Regarding the “climate change” letter in your June 3 edition, the environmentalists lost me when they changed the name of their movement from “global warming” to “climate change,” largely because there was no global warming. Oops. And I thought AOC said she was joking when she blamed climate change on cow flatulence and urged us to cut out burgers. Apparently not, according to the letter’s author.

We can argue all day long about global warming or climate change. They say scientists are unanimously with them, but I have read study after study debunking their concerns. The solution is simple: Build nuclear power plants, which emit no CO2. Please don’t tell me the United States can run on windmills and solar. That’s just silly.

But my real concern is that nobody is talking about our big problem. As of now, the national debt is $22.3 trillion and projected to grow at an additional $1 trillion per year. If interest rates ever return to their norm of 5%, our annual interest payments on the debt will exceed $1 trillion annual, which will consume virtually all of the discretionary budget. All social programs will collapse and there may well be unrest in the streets.

Not only is this enormous and real problem completely overlooked by the very political parties that caused the problem, Democratic candidates for president are frighteningly advocating “Medicare for All,” when the annual Medicare/Medicaid shortfall already is the biggest driver our debt and deficit at approximately $900 billion per year. If we can’t manage a program just for seniors, health care for the entire populace will take us over the fiscal cliff.

So how about first things first? Let’s worry about the environment after we rescue ourselves from bankruptcy and insolvency, if it’s not too late already. And it might be. Recall that candidate Trump said $24 trillion in debt might be the point of no return. We’ll hit that before his first term ends.

Mike Pelletier

Mountain View Avenue


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