Dear Editor:

You recently published a letter that criticized President Trump for calling veterans "losers." That was debunked by top military personnel who supposedly were there. 

John Bolton, who was there as well, also said it was not true. And Bolton, the former national security adviser who was fired by the president, has been working hard to sell his book that is highly critical of the Trump administration. 

Much more importantly, thanks to the president, veterans no longer have to die because they cannot get a doctor's appointment in time. During the waning days of the Obama administration, appointments were almost a year apart at the VA Clinic in Knoxville, so I had to stop using it. 

The writer also wrote that the U.S. is the "laughing stock" of the world. In fact, the world's laughing stocks were the U.S. taxpayers, paying immense sums of money each year to defend Germany, South Korea and other very wealthy countries, with the president finally getting the delinquents to pony up.

The writer is certainly entitled to vote for whomever he wants. But I personally could never vote for a very old, lifetime politician, who enriched unqualified family members by using his influential, high public office, and who is now going through cognitive decline. 

A quick comment on Buzz Thomas' latest column: Twenty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court had to vote on whether or not to continue to vote-check in Florida. If this upcoming election also hits a snag, you do not want a 4-4 Supreme Court split, potentially creating more uncertainty and chaos. 

Lee Gorman

Old Glory Road


P.S. Congrats The Daily Times' journalists for their journalism awards. 

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