Dear Editor:

I would like to reply to the Sept. 23 letter writer who states that she thinks that LGBTQ people have equality. The LGBTQ community does not have equality. We can be discriminated against in employment and housing. Transgender people are not allowed to serve in the military in this country.

We have no protection either by the state or federal law in employment or housing. We can be fired from our jobs because we are transgender or gay. If an owner or manager of housing wanted to evict LGBTQ people from our homes or apartments, they can — just because we are LGBTQ.

The writer quoted Leviticus, which was given to the Jews. Are you Jewish or a Christian living as Christ taught in the Beatitudes.

Christians are the only religious group that attacks the LGBTQ community because of their beliefs and their teachings. The LGBTQ community does not come under fire from: witches, pagans, wiccans, Jews, Buddhists, etc. So if you love your brothers and sisters as you claim, why don’t you show the love by trying to help get the Equality Bill passed though Congress? This bill would give the LGBTQ community equal rights in employment and housing.

Put your words of love into action. That is where you can help. You don’t have to accept us, or our lifestyle, but you can still put your beliefs into action by loving your neighbors.

Bridget Teague

Broadway Towers


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