Dear Editor:

Your front-page article Tuesday on the upcoming LGBTQ Pride event was misleading and not indicative of the interests of the community in which you supposedly serve. I’ll only point out three things:

1) The Unitarian Universalist pastor who organized the event and goes by the title “Reverend,” might lead some to conclude that she represents the orthodox Christian church. That is patently untrue. Unitarian Universalism is not a Christian organization and certainly does not adhere to the Holy Bible’s directives on marriage and sexuality. A good journalist would point that out and perhaps let readers know the local church draws "inspiration from Atheism and Agnosticism, Buddhism, Christianity, Humanism, Judaism, Earth-Centered Traditions, Hinduism, Islam, and more,” according to its website, It would take hours to point out all the conflicts here but any student of world religions would recognize many of them immediately.

2) You tell your readers that this LGBTQ Pride event is, and I quote, “especially about young people." I hope no one misses that. The event is only one of thousands of LGBTQ efforts to recruit, proselytize and indoctrinate young people into their lifestyle. This particular event is “marketed as a family event” and will include “games, drag story time …” and other activities targeted towards children and youth. A good journalist might mention that “Drag Queen Story Hour” has become a national phenomenon in public libraries across the country, where men dressed as women read to small children. Yes, it is “especially about young people.”

3) You quote the Rev. Laura Bogle as saying, “Hey, were (sic) here. We’re part of this community. We’re not going away.” My only response to that is, “Well, I’m here, too. And I’m not going away. I will not bow down and worship the idols you set up and I will not teach children and young people that the LGBTQ lifestyle is acceptable before God, healthy, and/or wise. It isn’t.

Parker Benson

Happy Valley Road


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SteveW Staff

So I'm assuming we can put Parker down for a "no" on the ol' attendance roll ...


I think so, lol.

His comments are ridiculous. Christianity is not the only recognized religion in the world. And I guess he's forgotten that this country was founded on religious freedom. Just as the local Christians line the streets to protest abortion with their "killer" signs, so do other groups have the right to demonstrate their beliefs and values.

Our constitution clearly defines the separation of church and state for particularly this reason. Religion has no place in politics and the day we allow a church to dominate our politics is the day that we are no longer a free state.

I guess the OP's religion has never taught the premise of tolerance and love for all mankind. His is a church I definitely don't want to belong to.

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