Dear Editor:

Has the sleeping giant been poked enough yet to finally awaken, rise up and save it's country's future? I refer to us, the Silent Majority (for now). How long do we allow unelected government officials, corrupt agenda-driven elected officials, special interest groups, and the dishonest mainstream media to continue to change the very principles upon which this country was founded?

Will we be PC'd into obscurity? We must remain silent no longer. It is time to let these people, who are trying to change the greatest country that ever existed into another third world disaster, know that this country is controlled by the people and for the people. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of this, it is our right and duty to abolish and return it to its original form. Arise Sleeping Giant, the Silent Majority, of hard-working, taxpaying citizens, citizens and legal immigrants not looking for a handout, and let the world know that we will tolerate these actions no longer.

Shout out with your vote, let your government officials know that they work for us, the people, or they don't work.

David Griffin

Belmont Drive


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“hard-working, taxpaying citizens, citizens and legal immigrants not looking for a handout”

Good luck finding those. Since 1999, the LFPR has been steadily falling. How do you teach folks that working at a job is something they need to do as well as want to do? Got me confounded & baffled. If you’ve got a solution for that, take it to the 4th floor of the B.C. courthouse, the gen’l Assembly in Nashville, & Washington, DC; for it’s obvious they’ve got no clue as well.

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