Dear Editor:

Enterprise Rental Car of Alcoa has opened a new road onto Riversedge Road that is a safety hazard due to a blind curve going in and out of Riversedge. The 40-50 employees coming in and out of the new road, or the residents coming out of Riversedge Road, cannot see due to the blind curve.

An emergency vehicle will not be able to get out of Riversedge Road when Enterprise employees are coming out. Riversedge Road is one way in and out. There is a lot of congestion at 4-5 p.m. at Riversedge and Topside roads.

Enterprise Rental Car has a main entrance on Topside Road and plenty of property to cut a new road going to the new building on Topside Road. The residents of Riversedge Road were not notified of the new road. We need a traffic study done to prevent a lot of accidents and congestion. 

Cherie Greenway

Riversedge Road


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