Dear Editor:

I worked 34 years as a teacher in Maryville City Schools. I am horrified the voucher bill passed. I live in District 8. I am a constituent of state Rep. Jerome Moon. I hold Moon responsible for killing public schools in Maryville and in Tennessee.

He told representatives from the teachers' union and school superintendents that he'd vote against the voucher bill, but then voted for it. He was dismissive of educators' concerns, dodged emails, phone calls and pleas for conversations from his constituents and refuses to be held accountable. I want to know why?

I am horrified because Moon knows vouchers are not good for students. Unless there is a tax increase to offset, every dollar towards a voucher for a charter school is a dollar less for a public school.

Charter schools are allowed to make a profit, which means your tax dollars are going to enrich individuals running the school rather than educating students.

I am horrified that he ignored our pleas to save public schools but instead he was only taking care of the wealthy, including himself. I grieve for our lower-income students that will suffer the most. Shame on you Jerome Moon!

Patti Young

Harold Drive


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