Dear Editor:

I had the good fortune to work for a company that prioritized the safety of its employees.

I learned that getting people to follow safety rules when they know they are going to be killed or injured is easy. But how do you get them to follow all the rules when they don’t “feel” endangered?

An employee told me a manager at my former company called a meeting and explained he had observed evidence of a broken safety rule. No one was hurt, just a rule broken. He asked the crew, “If you are not following this rule, how can I know you are following the rest of our safety rules? I can’t be watching you all day. How can I know?”

Let me apply this to my recent visit to a Maryville grocery store. As I entered the fresh fruit and vegetable section, I was delighted. There were eight people shopping, all with masks on and worn properly. Moving on I counted about 30 shoppers. Of those, there were two ladies with no mask. There was a man with a mask on around his neck.

If you are not wearing your mask in a grocery store, how can I know:

Do you wash your hands, social distance, hang out at bars, attend family reunions of 100 people from all over without masks, travel to a tourist area with people from everywhere, and not wear a mask, or go to a workout facility and breathe heavily around the other patrons with no mask?

The maskless at supermarkets will tend to ignore most or all guidelines, making them the most likely carriers. Let that sink in. Luckily, they are also quite easy to identify. How long are we going to tolerate three people endangering 30?

Charles A. St. Clair

Creekstone Circle


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