Dear Editor:

Anti-Trump derangement syndrome from the left is in full swing. Democrats are displaying a pattern of corruption in their overthrow coup attempt against a sitting president. Their continuing search for any straw to use against Trump will boomerang on the accusers. We don’t place leaders by coup. We place them by vote.

The light is shining to expose more than the Dems had expected on Ukraine. The present spotlight on Biden and his son and Hillary Clinton Foundation in Ukraine is not what the left wanted to be seen. The Democrat criminal regime list is long. The soon-to-be-released inspector general report will make some rats run.

Everything the Dems have done to the Republicans should be returned in kind. They should have their homes raided during the night while in their pajamas with CNN filming it. Their children should be besmirched. Their families should be harassed in restaurants. There should be hearings for anyone who hiccups. Let them be abused with sycophant name-calling.

Let the action begin; everyone is invited to the party that occurs on 2020 election day.

Shanna Dean Cooper

Old Niles Ferry Road


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