Dear Editor:

I want to thank U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., for being very responsive to my inquiry about the growing epidemic of gun violence. He declared his intent to help "empower local law enforcement and other individuals to identify warning signs that often present themselves well in advance of these senseless tragedies.” But he also warned that “we must ensure that due process is upheld at every step."

Once people have been identified as a risk, can we lawfully limit their ability to bear arms?

I hope that Mr. Burchett will take action to enhance the lines of communication between the various agencies to identify these dangerous individuals. If they are on the "No Fly List," shouldn't they also be on a "No Buy" list? Why does any citizen need a military-grade assault rifle? (How about a bazooka, a flame-thrower, a tank or a surface-to-air missile?)

What psychiatric help can we provide to citizens who have been identified as a risk to our community? I am confident that our representative will let us know what he is doing to prevent this kind of tragedy from unfolding here. I hope we can have a civil discussion about how to protect our 2nd District from the threat of gun violence. 

Michael Gamer

Legends Way


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