Dear Editor:

Many people forget that the actual party of Hitler was the National Socialist German Workers. Nazi was the party's nickname. Because of their actions, millions died. I do not believe there are teams in Germany that call themselves the Nazis.

The actual name of the group that committed treason against the United States of America was the Confederate States of America. Rebel was their nickname. Estimates say that 618,222 men died because of their rebellion. This does not count the thousands of slaves who were abused and killed by their owners.

As we mature, sometimes we need to give up old "favorites" and become enlightened to the suffering they cause others.

As people of white privilege — and if you are white, you have white privilege, whether you admit it or not — we must be the ones to speak up. We cannot be silent. Just as women couldn’t give themselves the right to vote, blacks cannot give themselves the justice and opportunities that we enjoy and take for granted.

It is time to change the nickname at Maryville High School.

Ginny West Case

Cedar Park Drive


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