As a shopper at the Community Benefit Sale at New Providence Presbyterian Church, I appreciate Melanie Tucker’s recent article commemorating the sale’s 50-year anniversary.

The Community Benefit Sale is aptly named.

As a community member, you can have a great shopping experience whether you have plenty of disposable income or very little. The tables and racks of items are logically organized, well labeled and constantly monitored to correct our sloppiness of tearing through a pile of clothes and dropping them willy-nilly back onto the table.

Oh, the treasures you will find. If you enjoy shopping you will find high-fashion clothing in excellent condition. You will be delighted with memories evoked by older toys, tools, antiques. You will discover many useful items for your home. I often walk out with a large sack of treasures (they love to see me coming), having forked over $10 or less.

The community of volunteers who are cheerful, patient and dedicated, donate hours of their valuable time to benefit our community.

The money collected in 2018 benefited 26 local nonprofits, including Good Neighbors, Trinity Health Ministries (dental) and Gateway to Independence.

Please join us in supporting our community and having a great time shopping on the fourth Friday of each month from 8:30-11:30 a.m. This December sale will be held on Friday, Dec. 6, because of the holiday season.

Juliann Rigell

East Westwood Drive


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