Dear Editor:

An article Friday in a prominent newspaper caught my eye. A comet from outer space, traveling at 93,000 miles per hour, will pass by Earth on Dec. 8. It is coming from an unknown distant star system and is only the second interstellar comet that has ever been seen in our solar system.

It reminds us that Earth is an infinitesimal speck floating in the vastness of the universe and that we are ignorant riders on this lonely fragile planet. Our quarrels, disagreements and even wars seem silly and stupid when considered in the ageless light and infinity of time and space. We depend on each other and the Earth for our existence.

The goal of humanity is to find the most harmonious ways of getting along. Since humans left Africa within the past 100,000 years, we have struggled with this goal, not always recognizing that the thirst for power reflects unconscious motives we’ve inherited from the animal kingdom. History is full of competitive violence and cruelty as shortsighted rulers have gone down in ignominy after wreaking havoc on the world.

The role of government is to safeguard and improve the life of the average person, not to enrich or empower leaders. The phenomenal vision of certain American men in the 18th century was to recognize that equality among people should be the governing principle guiding us toward a future that, if truly realized, can save us from ourselves. Compassionate religion, if internalized, is the star that guides individuals away from selfishness and toward a universal principle of goodness. Peace is possible. Donald Trump will eventually be an infinitesimal speck in history because American values of equality, justice and mercy will outlive him and prevail in the tides of time.

Gail Harris

Andy Harris Road


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