Dear Editor:

Maryville City Schools is spending $65,000 to buy new weight room equipment for the high school kids. We know it’s for the football team.

Maryville and Alcoa have the best teams money can buy. We all know that kids come from all around to play football at either of these two schools. Alcoa just this past summer brought in a dad from a nearby county to fill a job he was not qualified for, but had a son who could play ball.

The county schools have kids who want to play for their school teams no matter what. They also want and deserve a better place to work out and train.

A few weeks ago, some county commissioners did not feel it was right to spend this money. But it’s alright for the cities to bring in kids and give them free tuition just to play ball. The city kids are treated as the best, but they deserve no more than the county kids do.

It’s time we start treating our kids in the county this way. Lots of county school graduates have gone on to great lives and to do things others dream about. It’s time we people of Blount County stand up for our kids and say “I’m mad as hell and I will not take this anymore."

Our kids deserve better and we should make sure we give it to them. We need to remember that we pay city taxes every time we shop in those cities and we have a right to speak up and stand up to them.

Ray Bryant

Jubilee Circle


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No need to worry. Within a few months from now, Gov’na Lee & Fed Sec’y Devos’s CHARTER SCHOOL zealots will be invading Blount County again, we’ll finally be able to bring ALL public schools down to their knees; and we’ll have no need for any extra-curricular school activities of any kind in any of our school systems.

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