Dear Editor:

The hypocrisy and misplaced values expressed on the Opinion page are astounding. "Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones."

Democrats are quick to point fingers but ignore the crack in their own party. To attack Kavanaugh’s confirmation with no concrete evidence but ignore the mounting evidence against Biden is shameful indeed. During Kavanaugh’s hearings, the left said all women should be believed. Unless of course, the woman’s testimony is against one of their own. That shows the left is not for woman’s rights but for power only.

Misplaced values are evident when a person stays with their political party because their grandparents were always Democrats. They are loyal to their party regardless of its platform of killing babies, anti-defense, open disease-risked borders, and favor socialist income redistribution.

They are blind to see today’s Democratic party is not the same party of their grandparents.

They accuse the right for not being Christians or good parents for supporting Trump. Meanwhile their glass house is cracking further.

Shanna Dean Cooper

Old Niles Ferry


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Meanwhile, 25 accusers of Donald Trump are ignored by his cultist followers.


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