Dear Editor:

As I was reading Jules Witcover's column ("Trump continues to build impeachment case against himself," Oct. 15), it appears to me that the only thing the Democrats are interested in is removing President Trump from office by any means necessary.

They offer no plan for what they will do to improve things in this country, other than giving everyone free medical coverage. The problem with that is the same problem that we have with Obamacare — someone has to pay for it and that usually comes in the form of raised taxes. Democrats continually continue to berate the president for spending too much money and not getting anything done.

I think President Trump has probably done more to keep his promises than any other president in my lifetime. The things he has been unable to do are primarily because Congress has kept him from doing them.

In regard to his withdrawal of the troops from Syria, I don't think it would matter whether he did or did not: The Democrats would find fault with his actions whatever they may be.

I have never seen anyone so enraged as I have the Democratic Party in the past few years. It does not appear the president has broken any laws, according to what I've been hearing and reading. The fact that Democrats will go to any lengths to get rid of the president is frightening to me. I pray to God that common sense will prevail in the next election and we will vote these power-mad politicians out of office.

John E. Smith

Old Plantation Way


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