Dear Editor:

Once again I am amazed at the Democrats. There's a picture Sunday in the Maryville paper of Nancy Pelosi smiling before arriving to make a statement about the coronavirus aid package Friday. I've never seen anybody happier to see tragedy taking place in this country.

It appears to me the Democratic leadership is dancing for joy over the distress and pain that our nation is enduring. Why in the world do these people continue to be reelected? These people along with the liberal media are blowing this so far out of proportion it is ridiculous. Yes there is a crisis, but it is being handled by President Trump. Look at the numbers. Do not believe everything you read in the paper or on the internet.

It appears that Satan is at work in this country through the Democratic Party. How frightening!

John Smith

Old Plantation Way

Maryville, Tennessee

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Pelosi is smiling because she's finally able to help people who are going to be in desperate need. Right now, we have a world-wide pandemic on our hands. It's not the time or the place to divide the country.

I challenge everyone to find a way, even confined to your home, where you can help someone in need.

I'm calling and writing folks who are in lockdown in nursing homes so they at least have a friendly voice or a pretty card in the mail.

What are YOU going to do, Mr. Smith?

I'm sorry but I cannot see how you can say that since it's clearly Donald J Trump who is described in 2 Timothy 3:1-5! He is the epitome of evil himself!!!

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